Gods group thoughts for 5/30/2013 “You Can’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover”

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John 7:24…  Do notjudge according to appearance, but judge with righteousjudgment.” (NKJV)

The power of the Holy Spirit is really something to behold in one’s life…  Jesus told His disciples (and us), that when the Holy Spirit that His Father was going to send down to them comes (on the Day of Pentecost…Acts 2:1-41), He (The Holy Spirit) will teach them all things…and bring to remembrance all that Jesus had said to them…John 14:26

The opening scripture has stuck in my mind over the past few years…because of the wrong judgments I have made about those around me, that were based on unrighteous appearances…  You just can’t look at someone, without personally knowing all of the circumstances about them…and pass judgment on them…  This is how rumors spread like wildfire…and lives can be damaged beyond repair…  (Or how you can personally make a fool of yourself !!)

I was away at a Bed & Breakfast recently…and twice in the same morning, my own weak flesh succumbed, yet once again…to judging someone falsely, that I knew absolutely nothing about…   It was 6am in the morning, and I had dragged myself into what they called the “Common Room”, to make myself a cup of coffee on the Keurig coffee maker…  For those that have never seen or heard about this single cup coffee maker…here is a web site to explain… http://www.keurig.com/   I was dressed in shorts and a Tee shirt, wearing white socks and my bedroom slippers…   After all…I was dying for a cup of coffee…and who’s up this early anyway, right ??

A middle aged black man walked into the room, and walked over beside me, watching my every move, as I loaded the Keurig coffee pod into the machine…  He seemed interested in what I was doing…like he had never seen a contraption like this before…  I thought to myself…  “Wow !!  Has this man been living under a rock, or what ??  I can’t believe he has never seen a Keurig coffee machine before”…  This was my first big unrighteous judgment about this man I knew nothing about !!

Later at breakfast, the same man and his wife were sitting at the table next to ours…and I heard someone ask him what he did for a living…  He answered…“I provide ‘Investment Capital’ to people”…  For those that aren’t aware of what this is…it is a person who provides money to promote an idea or business; who then owns a percentage of the business or idea, if it makes money…

I made my second big mistake at misjudging this man, that I knew absolutely nothing about !!  I said to myself… “Yea, I wonder how much money this guy really has ??”  It’s so easy to boast about yourself to total strangers, who will never see you again, right ??

I found out after breakfast was over, that I had broken Jesus’ instructions, by falsely judging this man that I knew nothing about…twice !!  You see, this man’s name was Lynn Swann !!  That’s right !!  A Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver for the Pittsburg Steelers…and a sports broadcaster for ABS sports…   I knew he looked familiar !!  Duh !!

When I found out who Mr Swann was…the Holy Spirit told me to be obedient to the Word…  And He told me I should really think about…John 7:24…before making false assumptions the next time about someone by their outward appearance only…  This scripture will forever be etched into my feeble brain… 

I wonder what Lynn Swann was thing about me, in my shorts, Tee shirt, white socks, and slippers ?? 

Here is one of many links about the famous Lynn Swann…  http://pittsburgh.about.com/od/famous_locals/p/lynn_swann.htm

Heavenly Father, I am ever so thankful for Your Book of instructions on how best to live our lives (the Bible)…  I pray Lord, that all of us will not only read Your Word…I pray (especially for myself) that we can all learn to live our lives in a way that won’t violate what Your Word so clearly teaches us…  Help all of us Lord, to live in You will and Your ways…in Jesus’ most precious name and for His sake I pray…Amen… 

Blessings in Christ,  bruce r mills

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