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Thank The Lord!

chores 3Just how often do we think about the things we need to do in a day? While we may not dwell on most of them, we do remind ourselves of many things. Here are just a few examples…

When we wake up, we usually need to take a shower or bath. Next we need to dress and perhaps get something for breakfast. We often have to get kids ready, feed them, and maybe even drop them off to babysitters or schools.  Then it’s off to work or school for ourselves to pursue an education or a living.

Of course this is but a very short list of items, and they all pertain to temporal needs. However, there are a number of spiritual blessings we have which we may not give any thought to at all.

If we take things to their simplest roots, we have everything in this life to be thankful for to God. Remember the words of (Acts 17:28) which tells us the following:

“…for in Him we live and move and exist, as even some of your own poets have said, ‘For we also are His children.

How often do our hearts and minds run off to this scripture! We talk about waking up to start our day, getting dressed, eating something, and so on. But do we consider the fact that to even wake up is a blessing from God? To have clothes to wear and food to eat are also His doing. Jobs, schools, homes, and transportation are also provided by our Lord.

However, do we take the time out to thank Him for all of the blessings of life? No, aside from a “meal time prayer” or a quick “good night” at bed time. Will our day have some time set aside in it for thoughts and meditation on just what our Lord provides for us as His children?

‘But’ we say, ‘how can we do that? We are on the go from the morning alarm! Where do we find the time to pray or be thankful during the day?’ Brothers and sisters, we need to make room for such thanksgiving…

chores 2Each of us has some down-time. We sometimes call it “alone-time.” It may not be long, but what if we took just a few minutes to thank the Father for all that we have. The more we consider what God does for us in a day the more we will be appreciative for the things we have.

So let us all decide to take a few minutes out to spend in reading scripture, or thinking of the good things that happened in our day. Ease the tensions of a bad day by centering our minds on Godly things rather than rolling the lousy stuff around over and over again in our heads. Give a little bit more of ourselves to the Lord each day and we shall profit from it!



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