“Do Your Sins Keep You from Going to Church ?” 2/06/2016 by Pastor Jim Lee

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Consider the possibility that the reason you aren’t going to church has to do with your sins


This post is part of my intention to posts things on Sunday to call people back to the church who has left it and whom God might be working in their lives to draw them to Himself.  Today’s post is going to be quite frank.

A quote that have really ministered to my soul the last two weeks is “Till sin be bitter, Christ will not be sweet” (Thomas Watson).  I’ve been meditating about how true that quote is.  Only when we see our sins for what it is, as sins against God, would we see the sweetness of our Savior.  Then and only then would the Gospel be precious.

I bring this up since a real possibility why people leave the church is because they are not right with God.  Even though people often downplay this important factor, we must not forget that sins separates us from God, and sinful rebellion against Him will dull us and make us apathetic towards God.  Perhaps one might not even be saved to begin with, though at one time in one’s life when you went to church, but did so with an ulterior motive of some kind.  But eventually church gets boring.

Is that you?  Is Church boring?  Are you looking for a church with some excitement among the people?  Do you only look at the people, the programs and the place called “church?”   Perhaps church is boring because you haven’t acknowledge that sin is bitter.  But if one sees sins as bitter, then Christ will be sweet.  And every week going to a God-fearing church that preaches the Gospel about a God who is our Savior who saves us from the punishment of hell and continues to sanctify us would be very sweet indeed.  It would be sweet going to a biblical church because the Savior is proclaimed there…and we gather as a church to celebrate, remember and be renewed with this truth.  We go to church and have our heart in it because we worship Him as worthy…and because He is a sweet Savior of our bitter sins.  Non-Christians need the Gospel…but Christians need the Gospel too.

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