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It Takes Strong Commitment…



strength 1We have heard it said before. “Aw those religious people…they are just too weak to bear the problems of life without a “crutch” to lean on. That’s why they believe in God!”

Well, it isn’t really surprising that someone who is worldly and doesn’t know the goodness of God would say that. After all, because they have nothing but the things of the world to guide and “comfort” them, they can’t understand spiritual knowledge.

They haven’t listened to the word of God. For if they had, their whole mindset would be different…transformed! Their hearts would have been opened to the infinite wonders of the Lord, and His ability to help His children through the rigors of this life.

The pure and simple fact is that Christians have the unlimited power of God, and access to His tireless abilities to help see us through times of trial.

strength 2But this access comes only to those who are strong enough to commit to, and stay with, the Lord. Again, it takes “full on” dedication to God through Jesus Christ to enjoy the benefits of His favor.

Therefore, to be a Christ follower, one cannot be a weakling in mind or spirit. Rather, one must be stronger than most to keep the commands of the Lord in a world which is ever increasingly evil!

Those who would be willing to follow Jesus Christ must be transformed from a worldly mindset and “come out” of the world, ready to serve the Master at all costs. One must be willing to put away his or her old self, and put on the new self which is full of Christ’s love and humility.

The Christian places the things of God first in this life, ahead of all other demands. Of course we have worldly obligations which require our time and attention, and we are to attend to them as part of following the Lord. Let us not forget the words of (Colossians 3:23) which says: “Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men.” 

strength 3But in all that the Christian is called upon to tend to in a day, he must handle it in a way in which he feels his Lord would want things done. Again, this is because the true follower of God is one who seeks to be pleasing to the Lord above all else. Our minds are trained in the ways of the Lord, and we seek to be even more so guided by our faith.

The loyal ones of God in Jesus Christ are in no way weak. It takes a strong desire and devotion to control one’s life within the commands set by God. Our hope is heavenward and committed to the Savior who is the only Way to see God and receive our reward, (John 14:6, Romans 5:2).

Only strength, courage, and character are displayed in those willing to live for God!


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