“NOW WHAT?” 3/29/2016 Written by Kathy Boecher

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Their world had been torn apart.  The tomb was empty.  Jesus was dead and now someone had stolen His body.  It was more than they could bear.  The early morning revelation must’ve been one of the most exciting part of the disciples’ walk.  For three years they had followed Him.  For that same time, they began to realize who He actually was.  When that time ended with a cruel death for their Messiah, they must have been crushed.

So often our faith is put to the test.  We wonder why our Savior has deserted us.  We don’t understand the course of our time of grace on earth.  The deck seems to be stacked against us.  We can’t imagine where God is in all of this, but He was there all the time.

On the third day after His brutal crucifixion, Jesus fulfilled His promise.  He conquered death, He defeated Satan, our sins have been forgiven and a new life awaits us in heaven.

Now what do we do?  Do we tuck it away and forget about it for another year?  Do we bask in the moment only to forget within just a day or two? Do we hang on to that truth and keep it to ourselves?

Even when He appeared to His followers, they had a hard time believing it was Him.  We, who have never even seen Him, find it even more difficult sometimes to understand His role in our lives.  Don’t forget Him.  Don’t hide Him in your hearts.  This is such amazing news, so full of love, that it is too good to put away.  Tell your friends, your neighbors and those who don’t yet know Him.  Jesus never left us. He is always there for everyone.  All we have to do is believe.


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