Apostasy and a Biblical View of Life’s “Problems” 7/01/2016 Written by Pastor Jim Lee

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Apostasy and a Biblical View of Life’s “Problems”

Apostasy and a Biblical View of Life's Problems

Over the years I marvel at how biblically illiterate some are who claimed to have walked away from the faith.  (I must note here that I think biblical illiteracy is also an issue among those who profess faith).  One thing I often hear from those that have left the faith is their stated reason for leaving Christianity is because they had a particular problem(s) that didn’t go away when they became a believer.  So they didn’t see why they “need” Christianity.  This typically indicate a misunderstanding of what is a biblical view of life’s “problems.”

  • Speaking from my own experience, I don’t think believing in God necessarily made all my “problems” go away; actually it seems the amount of problems have only increased!  There’s the problem of sins to avoid, sins that before didn’t bother me as a non-Christian.  There’s the problem of actually trying to cultivate godly virtues that I once lack.  There’s also the problem of doing what is right with the right motivation.  For the Christian the right motivation of doing right is to lovingly please the Triune God as a worshipful appreciation for how much He loves me as demonstrated through the Gospel.

  • I must also add a caveat lest one thinks being a Christian means Christianity doesn’t address nor solves any problems at all.   Sure, there are some problems I don’t have as a Christian and some of these types of problems that I don’t have are typically problems that arise as a consequence of living an overtly sinful and rebellious lifestyle.  But even with our naunces, let’s not forget the main point that being a Christian doesn’t mean all our problems go away instantaneously.

  • A biblical view of problems reveal what’s an individual’s biggest problem.  This might not be what the sinner thinks is his biggest problem.  Someone who is not a Christian has a man-centered views of things but one who knows God views His problem in a God centered way.  Acoording to God’s Word everyone’s biggest problem is their sin against a Holy God who will judge sin.  That’s a bigger problem than how one feel, or how to get self-confidence, be happy, etc.  One’s problem with God has heaven and hell hanging at the balance.  There’s certainly priorities as to what is the biggest problem man faces.

  • In light of the fact that Scripture reveal what is our biggest problem, we do see that through the Gospel our biggest problem has been dealt with through the Gospel:  God has sent Jesus to live a perfect life and offer Himself as a substitutionary sacrifice for our sins!  We must trust in Christ’s saving works and His person.  Everything else and all other problems and solutions are secondary.

  • A biblical view of problem would acknowledge the sovereignty of God.  Personally a biblical view of God has changed my perspective on problems more than it has “removed” my problem.  Sometimes with some “problems,” it is God’s will for me to endure it so that I can find that Christ and God alone are sufficient.  We must see our problems biblically and that means we see it as something that God uses for those who love Him (Romans 8:28) for the purpose of making us conformed to the image of His Son (Romans 8:29).

  • Biblically speaking (since I am a Christian) I think God uses “problems” to change and transform me.  This is a contrast to whatI often want right away, namely an immediate change of my situation.  But I must think biblically and in a God-honoring manner concerning my problems.

  • Don’t just let this post be something for your head knowledge.  What is something you are going through that has occupied much of your mind recently as a problem in your life that you need to trust in God with today, having been informed with a Christian worldview?  Think biblically about your problems and share this with others.


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