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If it were only a matter of fighting off armies of an invading enemy – or simply a battle cry against those who would cause us emotional or physical harm.If our task required us to stand up for those less fortunate, we might have a good chance of doing so as a nation united.

If it’s about the future of a country – if it’s worth the cost of dying for – if it means the difference between life and death for coming generations – it’s imperative that we get back to God.

Our country is in the throes of decline.  We have chosen other gods – the gods of lust, desire, greed, immorality, unfaithfulness, complacency and apathy.  These “gods” are the handiwork of the devil.

As Christians we cannot sit on the fence and watch as things fall around us.  God didn’t promise that America would be immune from sin.  He didn’t give us carte blanche because we’re a nation that followed him in our fledgling years.  Our obedience is still necessary, even though we could easily be drawn into the discontent, hatred, narcissism and lack of integrity.

Many folks don’t think they need church – that it’s a superficial display – a foolish tradition – unnecessary.  In some cases the church is no longer a place to hear about our need for a Savior, but to be entertained – told how to obtain worldly success – or be given a dose of self-confidence boosting to get us through the week.

I wonder what my grandkids will encounter in the future. God loves us, but will not stand for a nation that denies His existence.  It’s our duty as parents, teachers, mentors and grandparents to pass God’s Word on to our younger generation.  Think of it as a heritage more precious that silver or gold.  Within its pages, we learn of God’s love for us, His plan for redemption and a place reserved for us in heaven.

I don’t have much of monetary value to leave my children or grandchildren, but I feel that God has blessed me with treasure beyond measure.  Sharing the Bible is like passing on a legacy that will last a lifetime and beyond.

I hope it isn’t too late for us.

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