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Looking to Find Inspiration

Where can a person go to find inspiration- where do we go to be filled with grace?

Maybe a better question would be, “What kind of inspiration do we search for?”

An artist or a musician may look for inspiration in a wholly different place than a bank robber, and a politician would possibly look in a different place than an industrialist.  So here, let’s think about where regular every day Christians go for inspiration…

Some people find inspiration in beautiful scenes from nature, others might find it in reading about great and faithful leaders of the past, or people who are making a difference for Christ right now.  Some read blogs for inspiration, and there are many wonderful and inspiring blog posts to be found out there.

Of course, the best place for a Christian to find inspiration to continue the “good fight” is in the pages of the Word of God, for there is nowhere else that we can find the actual mind of God…

If we have a firm foundation in the Bible, we can find inspiration wherever we look.  It’s a funny thing, but we usually find the thing we are looking for.  Have you ever noticed that when you get a new car you  suddenly see the same model of car everywhere?  Have you ever noticed that people who are looking to be offended can find offense in everything you say, or that people who have dirty minds see dirty things wherever they look?

God is active everywhere; in nature, in city streets, in Scripture, in the arts…


If our mindset is upon “the things that are above” inspiration is all around us.  The only thing in the universe that we actually have control over is our own mind, so we can set our minds on heavenly things and find inspiration wherever we set our eyes, and I don’t know about you, but I am truly thankful for that.


P.S. (from bruce)   Here is a link for reading (or daily listening to) the Bible in a year (available in Spanish, Hindi and Arabic, and Simplified Chinese)…with a 10 minute commentary by teacher preacher Nicky Gumbel…  An excellent way to spend time in the Word !!        https://www.bibleinoneyear.org/

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1 Response to “Looking to Find Inspiration” 5/15/2017 Posted by Don Merritt for “The Life Project”

  1. When I first seen the post on Facebook, I answered the question immediately by saying to myself, “by opening your eyes and looking around!” It’s nice to know that those “practicing” serving the Lord have the same Spirit leading us!!!!!


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