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Written by Kathy Boecher for “atimetoshare” @   http://atimetoshare.me

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I sat through one of a series of National Geographic, “One Strange Rock,” last night, in spite of its references to millions and billions of years of evolution theory.  I love the photography of National Geographic and there was nothing else worthwhile on the tube last night.  So I watched.

Sometimes it’s good to have faulty hearing.  I got to enjoy this show without hearing much of the narrative – which I knew would be filled with conjecture and evolution.  As I looked at the magnificent micro-photography of each of the life forms, I couldn’t help but see the hand of God and His magnificent design.  Take a look at the picture above and notice all the geometric patterns – the outstanding colors and forms.

Anything that beautiful and useful couldn’t have evolved from a big bang or explosion.  Someone had to be in control of the making of it – someone with the intellect of the universe – one who still holds the earth, moon, stars and all the planets in the palm of His hand.  God is the Creator.  He is the One who formed the seas and all that fill it.  All the magnificence, still to be discovered, was placed there for a reason.  We haven’t even begun to uncover the many different life forms within our world.

When Job was suffering through his many losses, his friends told him it was because of something he’d done to displease God.  In Chapters 38-41 of the book of Job – God talks directly to Job through a whirlwind – describing His connection with every form of life.  Not only did He create it all, He knows everything about it.

Every scientist will tell you that every cause has an effect.  One thing leads to another and I suppose that’s there reasoning when they talk about things evolving. However, the design of every living thing is not by chance.  It had to be created by someone with perfect knowledge of all life functions – how things fit perfectly into geometric, mathematical shapes – engineered by a master – with parts which cannot be duplicated by human minds – One who controls the weather, the changes in our environment, the seeds forming into life within the ground – the gigantic population of different species.  The Creator, God rules His creation with grace and love.

(God speaking to Job, Job 38:4-7)”

Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?
    Tell me, if you have understanding.
 Who determined its measurements—surely you know!
    Or who stretched the line upon it?
On what were its bases sunk,
    or who laid its cornerstone,
 when the morning stars sang together
    and all the sons of God shouted for joy?”



P.S.  (from bruce)   If you are not a “born again” Christian, is the Holy Spirit urging you to open this link ??  Here is the truth for this most important days writing, about how God’s grace is received to become a Christian in God’s eyes. This, after the Holy Spirit changes your will to understand and then obey the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ…    https://godsmanforever.com/2016/12/19/the-gospel-of-our-lord-jesus-christ-12182016-written-by-bruce-r-mills/

To my brothers and sisters in Christ, please feel free to share this message of the cross with those in need…


Picture credit:  https://www.google.com/search?q=picture+of+creation+Bible&tbm=isch&tbs=rimg:CfyqzpQab9J4IjhIpG1-ZSOAwxXv7K_1LgJ47kdbdZW2EO4bxOpmzklz5YdcZ9HWPHFCw52cTw5f6WOGcq03ZXBkAiCoSCUikbX5lI4DDERggzbohEjC3KhIJFe_1sr8uAnjsR6iJXgCpzAmcqEgmR1t1lbYQ7hhG7HIqx-VoQdCoSCfE6mbOSXPlhEezCPX9zrbMCKhIJ1xn0dY8cULARWHomu_1RDzjkqEgnnZxPDl_1pY4RFpEg1kZuixMyoSCZyrTdlcGQCIERRdqT-yjdj_1&tbo=u&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiIwfbOuLXcAhUDMt8KHWl_AmgQ9C96BAgBEBs&biw=1360&bih=652&dpr=0.8#imgrc=oV5bs6NYNMdscM:




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1 Response to “STRANGE ROCK” 7/25/2018 Written by Kathy Boecher for “atimetoshare”

  1. I find it so amazing that so many of these “Science” organizations talk about evolution as if it were fact when it reality it is still a theory. A faulty, non-factual theory, but still a theory! It’s always amazing how when godless people want something to be true, they talk about it as if it were true! Lots and lots of prayers needed!


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