“God is Not Punishing Us!” 4/09/2020 Written by Gabrielle Guthrie for “See, there’s this thing called biology.~insanitybytes”

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Written by Gabrielle Guthrie for “See, there’s this thing called biology…~insanitybytes”  @ https://insanitybytes2.wordpress.com/

Original post found @  https://insanitybytes2.wordpress.com/2020/04/07/god-is-not-punishing-us/

God is Not Punishing Us!



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So multiple Christian people (who really should know better and are totally without excuse) are currently promoting some version of, we’re a wretched people, an evil nation, who deserve the wrath of God and now He is using this virus to punish us…..

This really ticks me off and takes an infinite amount of patience and some abundant grace to even address.  Honestly, I just want to kick some people in the shins and invite them to do the world a favor and just shut the heck up. No wonder non believers so often have a really negative perception of God! This is slanderous, it is libel, it is bearing false witness as to who God is, His nature, and what His intentions towards us are.

God is not walking about killing our grandparents and other vulnerable members of our community because He is mad at us. “Repent or I’ll kill Grandma,” is absolutely appalling and false theology.

Second, it disrespects and denies the work of the cross, it acts as if Jesus never came, never impacted our faith.  God poured ALL His wrath out on the cross. ALL! “It is finished.” It says that in the Bible. He did not save some left over wrath and condemnation in a tupperware container in the back of the fridge, so a few thousand years in the future He could use it on rebellious Americans.

That’s the faith- based answer, that’s the theology that totally dispels the lie that God is punishing us.  That’s a lie, a particularly insidious one because it slanders the nature of God, it denies the work of the cross, and it exploits the gospel. That’s the righteous answer.

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The more human based answer, the less righteous one, the one based on simple logic and observation,  assumes that God is 100 times more intelligent than we are and so He knows us better than we know ourselves.

Therefore He knows that we human beings did not just suddenly become rebellious, totally depraved, and make a wrong turn down Evil Lane. We did not just suddenly “de-evolve.” We have always been like this! That’s why we need a Savior in the first place. God is not like a Grand Cosmic Parent yelling every few years, “don’t you make me pull over this car!! “

Now, I totally believe in Divine discipline and how He can use any situation to train and mold us, to help us grow.  “Discipline” comes from the same root as “disciple” which means “to teach.” Absolutely, He can work  anything for our good, use any experience to teach us things, to correct us, to bring us closer to Him.

That’s quite a bit different then the concept of punishment for the purpose of control, revenge, or manipulation. “Repent or God will punish us with a terrible disease,” is actually abuse, a form of manipulation and control, a concept that denies and disrespects the genuine power of God.  If He really wants something from us, He doesn’t have to bully, wheedle, manipulate, or beg us.  He’d can just drop a house on our head, or give us a road to Damascus moment, or turn us into a pillar of salt. Pick us up and carry us out like one would a two year old having a fit.

But the ultimate reason why God would not send something like a global pandemic or a deadly disease to punish us, is because humans are entirely too stupid and self destructive to be corrected in that way. Totally unteachable. God is not a god of complete futility, of wasted effort, of failed attempts. Not! Perish the thought. He is victorious in everything He does. Always.

People are running about on the internet saying things like, “repent and God will lift this curse off of us!” Dumb, totally dumb.

God doesn’t use a simple game of punishments and rewards to control or influence our behavior in that kind of context. He uses the nature of Himself, He uses Jesus, He uses His grace, His mercy, His infinite love for us. He invites us into a relationship with Him and the influence of His love, the wonder of His presence begins to change and transform us.

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So my official answer as to why God is NOT punishing us is because He is wise and knows we are simply too dumb to learn from such things. If a global flood, the bubonic plague, war, pestilence, wandering around for 40 years in our own personal deserts, and the reality of our own death for thousands of years is not enough to cure us, than it might just mean, we actually need Jesus instead.

God is victorious in everything He does. Punishing us in this kind of a context is an exercise in futility and therefore unworthy of His time and effort. He only disciplines those He loves, and love is a personal investment.


P.S. (from bruce) When there is no other place to turn…turn to God !!  If you’re not a “born again” Christian, is the Holy Spirit urging you to open this link ??  Here is the truth for this most important days writing, about how God’s grace is received to become a Christian in God’s eyes; through understanding and obeying the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ…   https://godsmanforever.com

To my brothers and sisters in Christ, please feel free to share this message of the cross with those in need…

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2 Responses to “God is Not Punishing Us!” 4/09/2020 Written by Gabrielle Guthrie for “See, there’s this thing called biology.~insanitybytes”

  1. While God may not be chastising us, we HAVE done some pretty awful things as a nation recently and we keep doing awful things to innocent people in less fortunate parts of the world despite being forgiven again and again. For example: killing people in their homelands:  Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq;   And we claim we’re doing these awful things to benefit THEM, which is putting lies on top of atrocities.   It turns out that we had NO valid reason for invading Iraq and destabilizing the Middle East, sending over a million hard-working, modern, civilized, well-educated, middle-class, moderate Islamic Arabs as refugees into surrounding Arab countries to destabilize the entire region.  While we backed al Quida and then fought al Quida, it turns out Afghanistan and al Quida were fighting for the same thing against BOTH Soviet and US invasions — their independence! And it turns out we killed about 3 million Vietnamese to support the secession of the south from the north by NATO allies (not South Vietnamese) and a tiny, wealthy, Christian minority in the south against the wishes of the vast majority of citizens on both sides of this artificial divide.  We poisoned their crops by dropping Agent Orange.  We incarcerated innocent families or murdered them if they remained in our “free fire zones.” When we lost the war, these “communists” fought other “communists” for the same reason they fought us — their independence! If the NAZIs were something despicable and are still hated, aren’t we culpable and deserving of shame and an expectation of remorse for OUR crimes against humanity and decency?  Or does a belief in redemption perpetually render us “not guilty” for our ongoing brutal, inhumane activities in the Third World?


  2. Sadly, this is one article I would need my dear Sister in Christ to clarify. God’s Character nor His Word changes. God’s CHILDREN, those born-again and renewed of spirit will NOT suffer God’s wrath because they ARE His children and He only disciplines (not punishes) His children in the day and age of Grace we now live in.

    However — when it comes to the world and especially a nation or a people who “live” under the banner of “In God We Trust” and they go against the things, the Godly values and principles, that have prospered and blessed them as a nation, it is only arrogance that makes one assume that God will not judge them. If He judged (and still does) His own chosen nation of people, how can we who believe God is JUST, HOLY and PURE in righteousness believe He could do otherwise.

    Salvation was secured at the Cross with the spilling of Christ Jesus’ Blood for all mankind. That does not mean all mankind is saved for it is a gift that was given, but if you refuse to accept that gift AND abide in it, then you have left that gift right where it was given, at the Cross. Redemption is assured because of Christ’s ressurection, a time we are preparing to honor even now, but even redemption is in the hope to come. We will be truly redeemed when Jesus comes back to gather us home. The whole world will not be a part of that.

    If God judged the world at the time of Noah, and the Egyptians at the time of Moses and His own children the Israelites as a Nation, (He still counted righteousness as an individual act of faith) then knowing full well He has not changed His Character or His Word, tells me that He will (whether this is part of it now or not) judge the Nations and it’s peoples who claim to be His, yet act like they belong to the devil. Abortion, Homosexuality, prostitution, gamblings, murders etc., etc., all in the name of “progressive” laws and evolvement of human nature is NOT an advancement in human nature but a step back into rebellion against God.

    Out of judgement most times, comes revival and repentance in people who abandoned God’s precepts. There are still ALWAYS those who choose to reject His Word(s) to their own voluntary demise. God will NOT force people to choose whom they will serve, but He WILL give them the opportunity to make their own decision.

    God does punish or judge. But He doesn’t punish or judge those who are already His. Christ Jesus on the Cross saw to that, but we have to be abiding in that to be His children. The world will STILL be judged for its actions and its choices. It WILL lead to repentence for some, and for others it will just cause them to harden their hearts all the more as in the case of the Egyptian Pharoah.

    Part of our calling, as those who speak and teach God’s Word with all seriousness and humility is to warn people, God’s people and the people of the world what is on the heart and mind of God Himself. We can only do that by abiding in and allowing the Holy Spirit to abide in us, by seeking an intimate, as opposed to a casual, relationship with God, our Heavenly Father. His Spirit will thus lead us into all truth and remind us of ALL the Words He has spoken and what He wants to say.

    God is NOT punishing US, if you mean, His TRUE, born-again, spiritually renewed children. However, there are a lot of people going to church, condoning sinful behavior that the Word of God opposes and THEY say, they are Christians, followers of Christ and thus children of God. Only God knows truly if they are or not, we can only know if they are false teachers and prophets or wolves in sheep’s clothing. However, if they continue to CLAIM they are God’s children and continue to live in rebellion opposed to the facts in the Word of God, then they WILL be punished and judged, by God for claiming to be something they are not!

    The chapter in Matthew that everyone loves to quote concerning judging others says this; “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ “And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’ – Matthew 7:21-23.

    This indicates a people who use Jesus’ name, but who do NOT have an intimate relationship with Him (nor authority from Him) for He doesn’t even KNOW them. They say they are Christians, but they still practice unrighteousness as a rule! I can tell you right now, I know a couple of lawyers by name, but that doesn’t give me the right nor authority to try and practice law in their names or in the name of their Law firm! I would be thrown in jail if I tried that!

    We need to encourage one another in the unfailing love and graciousness of the Lord during a time like this. But we also need to make sure that those who are NOT Christians know that there is a WAY that was made for them for eternity and not just for this temporary time. Jesus Christ is the only answer and the only WAY to escape the Father’s wrath and judgement that WILL eventually come, if it hasn’t not started now. I am not saying this is a judgement from God, but I am saying that as a NATION, this country which was blessed by God and has turned their back on God and His ways is long, long overdue for some action from Him.

    If I misjudged the article; forgive me. My only motive is to make sure that when we speak in the Name of the Lord, it is based wholly on the Whole Bible and the Whole Character of God and not just parts. God bless. I am a follower of both God’s Man Forever and Insanity Bytes on WordPress and will continue to do so. Be prayerful when reading this article and be like the Bereans who studied the Words of Paul and Silas to make sure they were in line with the Word of God.


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