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How did the disciples apostles died? | What happened to the apostles  disciples - YouTube

I have posted this today because I thought it was interesting…  I can’t vouch for it’s actuary, as you can read in the disclaimer below…

Blessings in Christ,  bruce

How The Disciples / Apostles of the Bible Died


Disclaimer: Other than Judas & John, these are not Scriptural. Some are historical, some passed down

by Christian traditions and are consistent with how they would have been treated in their time.


  • Andrew: (brother of Peter) Martyrdom by crucifixion (bound, not nailed, to an “X-shaped” cross) at

Patræ, Achaia [southern Greece]. Hung alive for two days, exhorting spectators all the while.


  • Bartholomew (Nathaniel): Martyrdom by being skinned alive and crucified, head downward

by the idolaters of Armenia (Western Asia near Turkey). The most travelled of the Disciples after

Jesus death, Preached the Gospel in Mesopotamia [Iraq], Persia [Iran], Ethiopia, Arabia and India.


  • James the Greater (son of Zebedee / brother of John) : Beheaded or stabbed with a sword by Herod

Agrippa around 44 AD near Palestine and not far from where he was a local missionary to the Jews in

Judea. His accuser was converted by James’ courage & the two were beheaded together.


  • James the Lesser [son of Alphaeus]: Was first Bishop of Jerusalem Martyred in his early 90’s by being

thrown from a pinnacle of the Temple at Jerusalem , then stoned and head bashed in with club.


  • John (The Beloved) (son of Zebedee / brother of James) : Natural Death The only apostle who did not

meet a martyrs death. Banished by Roman Emperor Domitian to Isle of Patmos where penned

Revelation, the last book in the Bible. Was later freed & went to preach inTurkey and died at 100.


  • Jude (Thaddeus) : Wrote Book of Jude. Martyred by being beaten with a club then crucified 72AD

at city of Edessa [Turkey] while on a missionary trip that went to Persia (Iran).


  • Judas Iscariot: Suicide / hanged himself (Matthew 27:5) after betraying Jesus (John 13:2). Scriptural.


  • Matthew (Levi) : Martyred about 60 AD by being staked and speared to the ground. Preached the

Gospel in Ethiopia (Africa) and was killed for questioning the morals of the king.


  • Simon Peter (The Rock /Petra): Martyrdom by crucifixion at Rome by Nero. Crucified around 68 AD

up-side-down at his request because he did consider himself worthy to be crucified like Jesus.


  • Philip: Said to have been tortured, impaled by iron hooks in his ankles and hung upside down to die.

preaching to death 54 AD in Heliopolis, Egypt. Preached in Phrygia which was in the Roman

Province of Asia near Ephesus [Turkey].


  • Simon [The Canaanite] : ·Called “The Zealot” because he was associated with that sect. Thought to

have ministered mostly in Jordan. Martyred by crucifixion in Britain in 74AD and then sawn in half.


  • Thomas [Didymus] : Martyred thrust through by spear in India .Preached the Gospel in Parthia [Iran]

and in Kerala, [southern India] where yet today the Mar Thoma Church exists.


  • Mark (John Mark): Was dictated to writing the Book of Mark. Martyred – dragged to death.


  • Luke: The Physician. Wrote Luke and The Acts. Was hanged on an olive tree,


  • Matthias [Disciple who filled the place of Judas Acts 1:20-26 ] : Was stoned and beheaded at Jerusalem.


  • Apostle Paul (Saul): Wrote half of the New Testament was beheaded by Emperor Nero at Rome.


  • James (The half-brother of Jesus): Thrown some 100 feet off a wall – done to him after he repeatedly

refused to deny his faith in Jesus. He survived the fall and was beat him to death with clubs.



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