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God of the Unexpected

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Imagine tagging along with the disciples during Christ’s ministry, listening to his teaching, watching his encounters, witnessing his miracles. 

One day your group encounters two blind men along the roadside in Capernaum.  The sightless men cry out, “Have mercy on us, Son of David!” Jesus touches their eyes, and instantly the two men can see (Matthew 9:27-31)After a collective gasp, everyone bursts into cheers and joyful laughter.

On a second occasion outside the town of Bethsaida, some people bring another sightless man to Jesus.  Perhaps he’s heard what happened to the two blind men of Capernaum, because he too begs Jesus to touch him and heal his blindness.  But that’s not what Jesus does.  Instead, he spits on the man’s eyes and then puts his hands on him. 

Even a second touch is added to restore this man to full sight (Mark 8:22-26). Amidst the celebrating for this miracle you wonder, Why did Jesus spit on this man’s eyes when one touch healed the blind man in Capernaum?

On a third occasion as Jesus and your entourage leave Jericho, you encounter yet another blind man, Bartimaeus.  Will Jesus touch him and/or spit on the man’s eyes to heal him?  Neither. Jesus simply speaks to the beggar and his sight is restored (Mark 10:46-52). Your bewilderment grows deeper still.

And then while in Jerusalem, Jesus heals a fifth blind man.  By now you’ve given up trying to predict what the Master might do.  Even so you blink in surprise as Jesus spits on the ground, makes a bit of mud, spreads it on the blind man’s eyes, and instructs him to go wash in the pool of Siloam (John 9:1-9). You catch yourself before throwing your hands up in disbelief as Jesus demonstrates one more way to heal sightless eyes.

You’ve now witnessed five men healed of blindness by four different methods.  The evidence speaks for itself:   

The Son of God is unpredictable.

The Old Testament provides proof that God the Father also acts in unexpected ways.  You may remember when he:

  • Raised up two humble shepherds to positions of leadership[1]
  • Spoke to one of his prophets through a donkey[2]
  • Made the sun stand still[3]
  • Used a blind slave to kill thousands of Israel’s archenemies[4]
  • Allowed another prophet to be swallowed by a big fish[5]

Numerous other examples from scripture could be cited to prove:

Our God is unconventional.

Even today he proves his penchant for the unexpected.

A few weeks ago our daughter H., a school psychologist, relayed to us a story about a student she worked with last year. We’ll call her Emma.  After frequent interactions, H. and Emma developed an easy rapport, the girl was making good progress, and H. grew to care deeply for her.

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But this fall as school resumed, she learned Emma had moved to Florida.  Not wanting the girl to lose momentum, H. called the new school and asked to speak to the psychologist there.  She hoped to offer some helpful background about Emma and set the tone for continued progress.

Imagine her surprise when the gentleman who answered the phone turned out to be Andrew __________, a colleague who’d been part of the same master’s program as H. at Florida State University.  Out of just twelve students in that program, Andrew just happened to be the one to oversee this little girl who’d won our daughter’s heart.  And Andrew assured H. he’d take good care of Emma.

Time and again our God has proven . . .

. . . He is full of surprises.

I for one take great delight in a Heavenly Father who mystifies me by his unpredictability, wows me with his unconventionality, and takes my breath away with his surprises. 

How about you?

Please share in the comment section below an example from your own experience of “a wonder that cannot be fathomed.” Let’s . . .

[1] Moses, Exodus 3; David, 1 Samuel 16

[2] Balaam, Numbers 22

[3] Joshua 10

[4] Samson, Judges 16

[5] Jonah, Jonah 1

Photo credits: http://www.freebibleimages (3); http://www.pxfuel.comhttp://www.canva.comhttp://www.pxfuel.comhttp://www.uihere.com.


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Picture credit: https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1SQJL_enUS832US832&sxsrf=AOaemvIj4sEiOZLvM_gezw_yapYIUgomBQ:1641649926703&source=univ&tbm=isch&q=image+1+peter+2:24&fir=kogm10px1qsphM%252CFxSNezPHwSRpjM%252C_%253BpiIC3IZzSWRq6M%252CchihXPkppC6PQM%252C_%253Bf35ahSYJ8DryyM%252CHGaRiWbwAVDrTM%252C_%253B-bzUb2ydbVAtHM%252CrJgzvkPlkDRN9M%252C_%253BdAgTPEgA5uDI1M%252C_tM5Z-puRxJryM%252C_%253BEKaqr5p2QRhgZM%252CQHev-WecnxkWCM%252C_%253BKDuLmXn5nRdGTM%252Cg7c5k9FtbRgHUM%252C_%253BtWX48TdF2_egJM%252COPV2UBupaRM9HM%252C_%253BXq6Yq8uQHXcR4M%252CJBHRsvPHtEezIM%252C_%253BtiI_C1kMxo8XqM%252Cn6S7eUKQMAZXSM%252C_%253B3S3rygwUWH9jjM%252Cn6S7eUKQMAZXSM%252C_%253BBtuZ7jxiWLX64M%252CuDifv8P8r1RKLM%252C_%253BlVfpeRCfkQj8uM%252CQHev-WecnxkWCM%252C_%253BIMos8OJ4sYJewM%252CYCQE34Ah-5ceTM%252C_%253BzdfjHsnk-XwfUM%252CYCQE34Ah-5ceTM%252C_&usg=AI4_-kR93s04SgB3KkEA8tBSsXNi3l0pBw&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi40efFpqL1AhXWjokEHQ3wC5oQ7Al6BAgCEEs&biw=1236&bih=870&dpr=1#imgrc=3EMTPhZkblq2QM


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