“Bye, Harvey” 3/15/2022 Written by Gabrielle Guthrie for “See, there’s this thing called biology.~insanitybytes”

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Written by Gabrielle Guthrie for “See, there’s this thing called biology…~insanitybytes”  @ https://insanitybytes2.wordpress.com/

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See, there’s this thing called biology…~ insanitybytes

Bye, Harvey

08TuesdayMar 2022

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The other day someone asked me about church, why I go there, and I said, “We have a lot of fun! Next week we’re having a funeral!”

Sheesh, the moment those words came out of my mouth I realized how odd they sounded, but they were sincere. Perhaps Christians can understand the truth behind, “oh death where is your sting,” for those who are in Christ?

It’s “fun” because we’re celebrating a gift, the time we got to spend with a dear brother in Christ who has now received his promotion. Thank you Lord, for giving him to us and for the time we had together. It was some real quality time!

Harvey was great, he’d come in and bellow our informal call to worship, “let’s praise the Lord!”  I will miss his booming voice. I will even miss jumping 3 feet out of my skin. I will miss knowing, “Harvey is in the house.” He is in the “Big House” now, which could either mean the state penitentiary or our Father’s house of many mansions. Just kidding! Harvey liked my off color jokes, so it only seems appropriate to send him home with one.

Harvey was great, He loved the Lord very much. He was so, so grateful for his salvation! He wrote a book, he cared deeply about those who are currently being martyred for the faith, and the “Voice of the Martyrs” was a big part of his life.

Harvey helped me to believe in the spirit of resurrection. Three, four Christmases ago I sat down and had dinner with him because I really felt like he wasn’t long for this world and I wanted to celebrate him. At the time he had practically duct taped himself to a walker just to be with us. Harvey actually recovered from that health challenge and became pretty spry once again. He believed in Divine healing and He claimed it, too.

I remember when he showed up at church one night with a hospital bracelet still on, tape on his hands, and some odd port poking out of his shirt. I asked him if he had gone AWOL from the hospital and he said, “No, I signed the paper!”  Oh, Harvey! I remember scanning the room to take note of how many nurses we had in attendance, just in case.

Again, he fought the good fight and recovered. In fact, he recovered so well, he went on to break his hip. I tried to send him messages on Facebook, to chat with him while he was in rehab, but of course he wasn’t real savvy with technology. I’d seen him bounce back from some major setbacks and I’d seen that resurrection spirit pick him right back up, but I wasn’t very hopeful and then one day there he was again with his customary call to worship, “let’s praise the Lord!”


I’m not kidding you about jumping 3 feet out of my skin.

Not long ago we celebrated Harvey in church, in person, and met some of his family. He was going away and we wanted to say goodbye, to let him know that the affection was mutual, that he would be greatly missed.

We got to say goodbye to him while he was still alive, in person, in church where he loved to be!  Thank you for that Divine appointment Lord, and for your careful arrangement of events.

Harvey would want me to tell you about the goodness of God, of just how many of those Divine arrangements He makes for us that we don’t even notice. Without much organization, without a word spoken, the Holy Spirit led us all to look after Harvey in so many different ways, from helping him get his book published, to driving him to doctor’s appt’s, to stopping to play cards with him.

The Lord really knows how to take care of His own and to bring you just what you need. Harvey needed us these past few years, but we all needed Harvey, too. He was simply overjoyed to know the Lord here on earth, so I can only imagine how excited He is to know Him in heaven.

So, in honor of Harvey, Let’s praise the Lord!


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