“The Fight Has Already Been Won” 4/10/2022 Written by Gabrielle Guthrie for “See, there’s this thing called biology.~insanitybytes”

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Written by Gabrielle Guthrie for “See, there’s this thing called biology…~insanitybytes”  @ https://insanitybytes2.wordpress.com/

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The Fight Has Already Been Won

23WednesdayFeb 2022

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I just want to put in a good word for simply stepping into the promise, for picking up your inheritance, claiming it, and just walking in it.

I’ve been reading a lot about the “fight for freedom” and “the fight for peace,” as if we are all hanging on the edge of our seats waiting to see how things might turn out in the world. There is lots of talk about gains and losses, winning and losing like we’re in the playoffs or something. And that’s okay, that’s human nature, that’s how we are wired, I’m just speaking of an attitude, a mindset, that will get you there much faster.

Just step into it, right now in the present tense. Walkabout in the world as if you are free.

“Freedom” is not some future destination, it is our birthright. This is where entitlement comes in, the healthy kind. We are entitled to be freeThe battle has already been won. I believe Jesus came to set the captives free and it is finished. The temple curtain was torn. It’s a done deal. Also our ancestors, all those who came before us fought for it, and many died for the cause. Freedom is an ideal that has already been bought and paid for and it is now our birthright.

Chuckling here, but “freedom” is not permission to just go off the deep end and do whatever you want. I’m making an assumption that people are mature and understand “freedom” is more of a spiritual concept that lives in our souls. You can have His peace even in the midst of chaos. You can have His freedom, even when chained to a wall in a prison, singing songs.

Somebody smart once told me “writers, write.” That’s deceptively simple and obvious, but it’s profoundly true. If you wish to be a writer, write. We are what we go forth and do. Writing is an easy one at least for me, it gets quite a bit more challenging with something like say, smoking. You really have to step into being a non-smoker. Don’t fight so much, but rather simply step into that identity and walk it out.

Always easier said than done.

The notion of freedom encompasses so many things, mandates, tyrannical governors, addictions, difficult relationships, all the limitations placed on us by others, by our circumstances, and by our own selves. Freedom is a huge, huge, subject.

Just step into it, right now in the present tense. Use language that places it in the present tense. Walkabout in the world as if you are free and the battle has already been won.

For you really scrappy people, of which I often am, don’t worry there will still be plenty of frolicking good fights. I am just repeating the saying, “we are fighting FROM victory not FOR victory.” It changes everything.


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