“It Is Time” 4/24/2022 Posted by Alister Begg for www.truthforlife.org (From Spurgeon)

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Posted by Alister Begg   for   www.truthforlife.org  (From Spurgeon)

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It Is Time

It is the time to seek the Lord.

Hosea 10:12


It Is Time

It is the time to seek the Lord.

Hosea 10:12

The month of April is said to derive its name from the Latin verb aperio, which means to open, because all the buds and blossoms are now opening, and we have arrived at the gates of the flowery season.

Reader, if you are not yet saved, may your heart, in keeping with the universal awakening of nature, be opened to receive the Lord. Every blossoming flower warns you that it is time to seek the Lord; do not be out of tune with nature, but let your heart bud and bloom with holy desires. If you tell me that the warm blood of youth leaps in your veins, then I entreat you, give your vigor to the Lord. It was my unspeakable happiness to be called in early youth, and I am thankful to the Lord every day for that. Salvation is priceless, let it come when it may, but oh, an early salvation has a double value in it.

Young men and women, since you may die before you reach your prime, “It is the time to seek the Lord.” You who feel the first signs of decay, quicken your pace: That chest pain, that biopsy report, are warnings that you must not trifle with; with you it is definitely time to seek the Lord. Did I observe a little gray, a little thinning in your hair? Years are flying by, and death is drawing nearer by the day; let each return of spring arouse you to set your house in order.

Dear reader, if you are now advanced in years, let me entreat and implore you to delay no longer. There is a day of grace for you now—be thankful for that—but it is a limited season and grows shorter every time the clock ticks. Here in the silence of your room, on this first night of another month, I speak to you as best I can by paper and ink, and from my inmost soul, as God’s servant, I lay before you this warning, “It is the time to seek the Lord.” Do not make light of this; it may be your last call from destruction, the final syllable from the lip of grace.


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Picture credit:https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1SQJL_enUS832US832&sxsrf=APq-WBvdoRfWpG1fl8aaO6ae9o9zVdc62g:1650801209969&source=univ&tbm=isch&q=image+the+world+is+getting+worse+and+God+won%27t+wait+forever&fir=vps5LTdMJ_mWAM%252CexMjDC5QAqB17M%252C_%253BdvOd12hC4XpjHM%252CkxBwyja9T6SbwM%252C_%253B7P22d9KM7jRnMM%252CkxBwyja9T6SbwM%252C_%253BoAkfdPtfI59mvM%252CkxBwyja9T6SbwM%252C_%253B7kMtTBztPxbh9M%252C5ovgk53HafbzKM%252C_%253BBItK08hhv2w4VM%252CkxBwyja9T6SbwM%252C_%253BhLLqu_v6AByU7M%252C5ovgk53HafbzKM%252C_%253BwugrPWC6_fN1nM%252C8K3b52o2SIsI9M%252C_%253BJ8DssKy2jzDp9M%252CkxBwyja9T6SbwM%252C_%253BOZgVf1tCoGDWxM%252CmAyjGPEZmBtTFM%252C_&usg=AI4_-kTs2H_JhoBjlzlgPGOGEamte5HWNw&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi259vd0az3AhUOj4kEHQ-VDuEQ7Al6BAgCEBE&biw=1341&bih=951&dpr=1#imgrc=vps5LTdMJ_mWAM

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