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Posted on April 8, 2022 by Pastor Randy


You just can’t always wait! Today I am starting to plant the seeds for our garden. Now, the old folks always said that you can’t plant your garden until Good Friday. And today is NOT Good Friday, and I just can’t wait. “Why?”, you ask. Because The Weather Channel app shows that it’s going to be raining some next week. I know, I know, meterologists aren’t always right. But sometimes they are; so I need to start today. Otherwise, the garden spot will be too wet to work. So it has to be today! And what does all this have to do with Living The Kingdom Life?

Life is meant to be lived on purpose with a purpose! As citizens of God’s Kingdom our only purpose is to share The Good News Of The Kingdom in ways that reach deep into the hearts and lives of others. We Citizens have the responsibility of sowing The Seeds. And it’s easy to say, even easier to think, that we have plenty of time to do this. NEWS FLASH! We don’t–and those around us don’t either! One thing those earliest disciples had that many don’t have today is that Sense Of Holy Urgency! If I don’t believe The Weather Channel app and wait until next Friday, I’ll have to wait an additional 2 weeks because we are going on another sabbatical after Easter. If I wait too late to plant, I will not get the harvest that I should have. Paul had something to say about not waiting!

In Ephesians chapter 5 and verse 16 he wrote: “These are evil times, so make every minute count.” (from the Contemporary English Version). The ever-familiar King James Version puts it this way: “Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. I looked up that word, “redeeming” in the Greek and found out it means: “to make a wise and sacred use of every opportunity for doing good.” And when does that opportunity come up? Every moment of every day. Folks, we can’t afford to wait to share God’s love until the time is just right. And neither can the people around us. So, get busy! Plant those seeds!

And if you have been putting off surrendering your life to Jesus, the time is never better than right now! Because I didn’t wait until Good Friday, some of those old folks will say that my garden won’t do well. But I can’t wait hoping The Weather Channel got it wrong. So, I will plant some of those seeds today. And trust The Master Gardner for the outcome.

Love God with all your heart. Love others the way Jesus loves you. And make sure all the glory goes to HIM!


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