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Written by Bill Rudge for “Bill Rudge Ministries” @  https://billrudgeministries.wordpress.com/

Original post @ https://billrudgeministries.wordpress.com/2022/08/09/salvation-easy-as-a-b-c-and-d-oldsite/

Salvation: Easy as A-B-C and D

AUGUST 9, 2022BRM7

by Bill Rudge

I have experienced hundreds of exciting witness encounters using insight through creative ideas and illustrations. Every encounter has its own approach and conversational style, but the final message is as simple as A-B-C and D:

A – Admit you are a sinner in need of God’s forgiveness. There is nothing you can do to pay the penalty of sin or earn your salvation (Romans 3:23). The penalty for sin is death, and only God’s righteous, sinless Son could pay that penalty. So, the only solution to your dilemma is to come to Jesus Christ in repentance, receive His free gift of salvation, and accept Him as your Savior and Lord. “But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name” (John 1:12).

B – Believe in your heart that Jesus died for your sins and rose from the dead. Just believing in something doesn’t make it true, no matter how sincere you are. Nor is it the intensity of belief that makes something true. It is who and what you believe in that really matters. Jesus said, “…unless you believe that I am He, you will die in your sins” (John 8:24). To believe in is more than merely acknowledging the reality of Jesus Christ; it means “to trust in and rely on” – a belief that results in committing your life to Him.

C – Confess with your mouth that Jesus died and rose again. Tell others that you have accepted Him as your Savior and Lord. “If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation” (Romans 10:9-10).

When you sincerely act on A, B, and C, something amazing happens. God’s Spirit indwells you and begins to mold you into a new creation. Your name is written in the Book of Life! And when you depart this life, you will be welcomed into God’s eternal kingdom and receive all He has prepared for those who love Him.

D – Demonstrate your faith by growing in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ through regular Bible study and prayer, fellowshipping with other believers, and being a witness to those who do not yet know Him. Demonstrate a changed life as His Spirit and Word transform you, molding you into the person you were created to be.

No Greater Love

Knowing and living for Jesus Christ is a wonderful spiritual journey with life-changing experiences and eternal blessings. Your acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord will prove to be the wisest, most courageous, and most eternally significant decision you will ever make.


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Picture credit:  https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1SQJL_enUS832US832&sxsrf=ALiCzsat58AN0yZd5ZZpH1QmRRq6cazOTA:1660779034226&source=univ&tbm=isch&q=image+John+14:6&fir=MbcRmfSGHrPLGM%252C-PWPi_AN5_FhgM%252C_%253BEBIHKuN2A-T2qM%252CzzS0c_ZCgeUN4M%252C_%253BDeNkf-FBGsCTHM%252C-PWPi_AN5_FhgM%252C_%253BAL04n2BGQY0Y6M%252C3y2B1bY-0Cg57M%252C_%253BR840XJq8Uwa7KM%252CKSb67QLMVoSGgM%252C_%253BQaQ6qMkTBeC2_M%252CAao-tn1XdgA1SM%252C_%253BB56mCk4mDsTgdM%252C-PWPi_AN5_FhgM%252C_%253BvEvlPB_H-HS_xM%252Cf4b2wKuwqquJXM%252C_%253BNgigFZ1PWR5TTM%252CzzS0c_ZCgeUN4M%252C_%253BF0ywHuwowOSKnM%252Cw2sMOH8cszYCeM%252C_%253B69U_4DMuPM3a1M%252CrizRJxDuT40haM%252C_%253BgASvupwTTV3_8M%252C5qd2UsZksrblJM%252C_%253BrYRgnqukRE4j8M%252Ctomre1vSTS8KDM%252C_%253B9E77gcWeOP7zrM%252Cw2sMOH8cszYCeM%252C_%253BZGRm5eKyzCwtHM%252C3R2Q1LgVi9x_AM%252C_%253BsVDMnDTd67ijqM%252C-PWPi_AN5_FhgM%252C_%253BFOKOX9VfVA8a7M%252Cc0TElwIxfafJRM%252C_%253Bfu-45lu-lj8KiM%252CtyyU0nV_MsllSM%252C_&usg=AI4_-kSJUCtE0OEdY5nI0M4PbSnyajKwVQ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi4m4qDhM_5AhUYpIkEHdXHBC0Q7Al6BAgDEDI&biw=1305&bih=873&dpr=1#imgrc=AL04n2BGQY0Y6M

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