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“Don’t Defile True Doctrine” 7/20/2019 Posted by Alister Begg for “Truth for Life”

Our Daily Bread”     http://odb.org/ The Daily Devotions of Greg Laurie    http://www.harvest.org/devotional      Posted by Alister Begg for “Truth for Life”  @  http://info.truthforlife.org Original post @  https://info.truthforlife.org/devo-july14-2019?ecid=ACsprvv-ttfeNND1AOzJdVySVBmDkmF719Pc85CyMn8-PO2RpRyWOCQYDxr4avebeqkn5g8E7Zgg&utm_campaign=Daily%20Devotion%20Emails&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=74590500&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-9uHu8QtRDqQ2mzpiMrfZ07NUo_hpk7nqSwdqZbGKc1asgeGG9mf_UpZ_iexgvKwtvSr6vGkF9xMnUJHLD5alKTh45H6OMBbNMr2DvDAuowN4Zz1Wc&_hsmi=74590500 DAILY DEVOTIONAL JULY 14, 2019 Don’t Defile True Doctrine If you wield your tool on it you profane it. … Continue reading

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